A Case of Increased Density in Rabbit’s Jaw Bone, Evaluated by Cone-Beam Tomography

Srđan D. Poštić*

Clinic of Dental Prosthetic, School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

*Corresponding author:  Srđan D. Poštić, PhD.  Clinic of Dental Prosthetic, School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade. 4, Rankeova, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia. Tel:+381-2435-719. E-mail: srdjan.postic@stomf.bg.ac.rs

Published: June 25, 2013


Reduced mineral content affects the trabecular microstructure in the jawbones and skeletons of animals. The aim of this study was to ascertain the benefits in terms of increased bone density in the region of the lateral teeth in the upper and the lower rabbit jaws after application of a therapeutic solution of calcitonin and calcium. The solution was injected to the right side of the maxilla and mandible on the lateral teeth, while the left side was the control. Statistically significant increases in density after application of the therapeutic solution were verified in the experimental regions, in front of the maxillary lateral teeth and around the first maxillary molar (Z=-3.824 and Z=-3.826; p=0.000). ANOVA testing has provided evidence on increasing bone density after the use of a therapeutic solution in the experimental regions of the bone (4.324; df1=7; df2=78.775; p=0.000). Cone beam computed technology (CBCT) proved very reliable for assessing the jawbone density in animals, locally applying the additionally therapeutic solution for acceleration of the increment of bone density.

bone remodelling; bone regeneration; bone biology; radiography; animal; mineralized tissue; maxilla.

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