Article Processing Charges

When a paper is accepted for publication, the author is issued an invoice for payment of Article Processing Charge (APC). APC can be paid by the author or on their behalf, for example, by their institution or funding body. APC helps IMRDC recover the costs of publication—including peer review management, production of the journal printed version, and online hosting and archiving, as well as inclusion in citation databases, enabling electronic citation in other journals that are available electronically. IJBM publishes all content Open Access and makes the content freely available online for researchers and readers.  IJBM charges a processing fee of $100 per printed black and white journal page and $200 per printed page of color illustrations. IJBM charges a processing fee of $85 per page in the case of online-only publications. For online-only publications, all illustrations submitted in color will be published in color online, at no cost to the author.

IJBM believes that lack of funds should not be a barrier  to Open Access publication. IJBM provides individual fee support. Authors' research which is funded primarily by an institution or organization from eligible low- and lower-middle income countries (see the World Bank official website) will receive partial or  full fee funding paid by IMRDC. To apply for a discount, please contact our office using the ‘Contact Us’ page or send email to the Publisher ( with the following information: • Your name and institution with full address details • Reason for applying for a waiver • Title of your paper • Country of residence of any co-authors

Funding of Article Processing Charges (APCs)

Many funding agencies explicitly allow the use of research grants for the payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs) to publish in open access journals. In addition, numerous institutions have created central funds to cover APCs. Make sure to check with your institution whether OA publication costs are supported or not.