Undiagnosed Long-Lasting Ulcerative Colitis Engaging Transplant after Vaginal Plastic Surgery with Colon: a Case Report

Ivaylo Vazharov, PhD¹, Yolanda Zayakova, PhD¹, Tanja Manastirska¹, Bojan Balev, PhD², Bogomila Manevska, PhD,ScD³

¹Clinic of Internal Medicine, Naval hospital – Military Medical Academy, Varna, Republic of Bulgaria

²Department of Roentgenology and Radiology, Medical University, “St. Marina” Hospital, Varna, Republic of Bulgaria

³Department of General and Clinical Pathology, Medical University, “St. Marina” Hospital, Varna, Republic of Bulgaria

*Corresponding author: Ivaylo Vazharov, MD, PhD. Naval hospital – Military Medical Academy. 3,  Hristo Smirnenski st, Varna, Republic of Bulgaria. Tel.: +359 52 386 200; fax: +359 52 302 650. E-mail: vajarov@dir.bg

Published: June 25, 2013


This is the report of a 59-year-old woman suffering from recurrent vaginal pain and bleeding and episodes of anal bleeding. At the age of 16 she underwent vaginal plastic surgery. The case demonstrates the ulcerative engagement of the vaginal transplant.

vaginal bleeding; anal bleeding; ulcerative colitis.

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