Genetic Aspects of Helicobacter-Associated Diseases in the Gastroduodenal Tract of Children

Tamila V. Sorokman, PhD, ScD*, Snezana V. Sokolnik, PhD,Pavlo M. Moldovan, Valentina G. Ostapchuk, PhD

Bukovinian State Medical University, Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Corresponding author: Professor Tamila V. Sorokman, PhD, ScD, Head of Pediatrics and Medical Genetics Department, Bukovinian State Medical University, 5, Kochubeya str. 58003, Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Tel.: 00380506642667, Fax: 00380372553754.


The genetic structure of Helicobacter in children with gastroduodenal pathology and the regional distribution of the pathogenic genes of Helicobacter pylori (CagA and VacA) were established. Almost all the Helicobacter pylori (HP) strains showed the presence of gene toxicity (tox+) of 71.7%. The spectrum of toxigenic HP genes shows the following distribution: CagA+ defined in 70 persons (81.3%), VacA + determined in 62 individuals (72.1%). In this study, the specific distribution patterns of the causative agent of the pathogenic genotypes are established in the various diseases of the gastroduodenal region in children, and the comparative topological characterization of the bacterial inoculation of the gastrointestinal tract with Helicobacter pylori of different genotypes is presented.

children; Helicobacter pylori (CagA and VacA); genotyping.
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