A Study of Posterior Segment Pathology in Cataractous Eyes Using B-scan Ultrasonography

Mohammed Abdalla Shakour, Caroline E. Ayad, Samih Kajoak, Hamid Osman, E. Rahim

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2021;11(1):78-81.
DOI: 10.21103/Article11(1)_OA13
Originally published March 5, 2021


Background: Ultrasonography (US) is a valuable diagnostic modality for detecting posterior segment eye diseases (PSEDs) in patients with cataractous eyes. This imaging modality can better facilitate planning surgery and predicting prognosis. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of B-scan US in evaluating posterior segment abnormalities of eyes in cataract patients pre-operatively to limit complications and visual impairment.
Methods and Results: A prospective, cross‑sectional study to assess cataracts by US, as well as to detect posterior segment abnormalities of eyes in cataract patients, was conducted in Sudan at Albasar International Foundation (Makah Eye Complex in Omdurman) between December 2018 and December 2019.
All patients (n=380; 48% males and 52% females; a mean age of 63±12.57 years) with non-visualization of the fundus, regardless of age and gender, were involved and were assumed to have orbital pathologies. Patients with high-risk extrusion of intraocular contents and a previous history of ocular surgery were excluded from the present study. All patients with dense cataracts were evaluated using standard US machines (Echoscan US-4000; NIDEK CO., LTD.) equipped with a real-time high-frequency probe.
The typical age of the patients complaining of cataracts was between 61 and 70 years, which constituted 35% of cases, followed by age >70 years, which constituted 24.2% of cases. About 47.63% patients had ocular pathology in the posterior segment of the eye. The most common PSEDs were vitreous abnormalities (46.2%). Among vitreous abnormalities, most abnormal eyes had vitreous changes (36.1%), followed by VD (3.7%); 1.3% of patients had retinal detachment.
Conclusion: Ocular US should be the first screening modality in the evaluation of posterior segment pathologies in cataractous eyes and should be performed in cataract patients pre-operatively for better surgical planning and predicting post-operative visual prognosis.

B-scan ultrasonography • cataract • posterior segment eye diseases

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Received December 30, 2020.
Accepted February 8, 2021.
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