An Overview of Labor Pain: Components and Stages of the Labor Process

Hend A. El-Sakhawy, Ahmed M. Abodonya, Walid Kamal Abdelbasset, Mohamed A. El-Sakhawy

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2021;11(3):315-317.
DOI: 10.21103/Article11(3)_BR
Originally published September 9, 2021


Labor pain (LP) is unbearable and a major source of anxiety and stress. Painful uterine contractions cause hyperventilation in the mother, and because of augmented catecholamine concentration, both the mother and her fetus will be hypoxic. Effective analgesia provides protection from difficulties and ensures good results in both the mother and fetus. Hence, the control of pain should form an integral part of labor management at any level. This brief review aims to identify LP and its effects on fetus and mother, stages of delivery and labor process, and components of LP.

labor pain • fetus • visceral pain • somatic pain • sensory fiber
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Received May 19, 2021.
Accepted June 20, 2021.
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