A Study of the Influence of New Generation Granulated Sorbents on the Processes Regulating the Aggregate State of the Blood with the Use of Piezoelectric Thromboelastography

Sergey V. Barannikov, Evgeniy F. Cherednikov, Igor S. Yuzefovich, Ludmila E. Mehantjeva, Igor F. Filev, Yuri V. Maleev, Evgeniy S. Ovsyannikov, Violetta A. Maslova

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2021;11(3):286-290.
DOI: 10.21103/Article11(3)_OA6
Originally published September 10, 2021


Background: Gastroduodenal bleeding (GDB) and the improvement of endoscopic hemostasis (EH) remain a priority in emergency surgery. This article presents the results of an experimental study of the effects of granular sorbents (Aseptisorb, Aseptisorb-A, Aseptisorb-D) on the system regulating the aggregate state of the blood using modern capabilities of piezoelectric thromboelastography (TEG).
Methods and Results: The study involved 12 healthy volunteers (9/75% men and 3/25% women) aged between 18 and 58 years, with the average age of 34.0(26.0;44.0) years.
For the study, the blood of healthy volunteers with normal indicators of the system regulating the aggregate state of the blood was used. In vitro experiments: Several tests were performed with the blood of each volunteer. In the first experiment (the control stage), the blood cuvette did not contain the test material. At the second stage of the experiment, the hemostatic properties of new generation granulated sorbents (Aseptisorb, Aseptisorb-A, and Aseptisorb-D) were studied.
Experimental studies have shown that the use of granular sorbents Aseptisorb, Aseptisorb-A, and Aseptisorb-D in varying degrees affects the links of platelet and coagulation hemostasis, providing acceleration of thrombosis processes while increasing the maximum density of the clot. These effects determine the effectiveness of the clinical use of these sorbents to stop various types of bleeding.
Conclusion: Experimental studies of the effect of granular sorbents on the system  regulating the aggregate state of the blood using piezoelectric TEG have shown that the use of Aseptisorb, Aseptisorb-A, and Aseptisorb-D can significantly reduce the time of blood clotting and increase the maximum clot density, which determines the possibility of the use of these sorbents in endoscopic hemostatic treatment for GDB.

piezoelectric thromboelastography • the aggregate state of the blood • granular sorbents
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Received April 29, 2021.
Accepted June 9, 2021.
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