Comparative Assessment of Inflammatory Reaction in Experimental Animals after Pleurodesis with Solutions of Hydrogen Peroxide and Talc

Mikhail S. Izyumov, Viktor V. Bulynin, Evgeniy S. Ovsyannikov, Andrey M. Bobrovskikh, Anastasia V. Medvedeva, Olga G. Deryaeva

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2021;11(3):291-295.
DOI: 10.21103/Article11(3)_OA7
Originally published September 9, 2021


The aim of our research was to compare the nature and severity of the inflammatory process in the lungs, in the leaves of the visceral and parietal pleura, and in the adjacent subpleural tissues of the chest wall in experimental animals after pleurodesis with solutions of 3% and 6% hydrogen peroxide, and talc.
Methods and Results: The experiment was carried out on 200 Wistar rats, weighing 160-180 grams, 10 specimens in a subgroup, depending on the time of the experiment, i.e. 50 specimens in each study group, including the control group. The main criterion by which we determined the comparative characteristics of the effectiveness of talc and 3% and 6% solutions of hydrogen peroxide as preparations used for chemical pleurodesis in the rats was a morphological characteristic of inflammation. This criterion was confirmed by counting free cell populations in lung tissue (lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, histiocytes). All comparison groups were characterized by a gradual increase in the number of lymphocytes, macrophages and histiocytes, ranging from minimum to maximum values, and by a gradual decrease in the number of neutrophils, starting with max and ending with minimum values.  The number of lymphocytes, macrophages and histiocytes were increasing faster. But at the same time, for the most part, their number was lower after pleurodesis with 6% hydrogen peroxide. The minimum number of neutrophils and the fastest possible reduction in all cases was observed in pleurodesis with 6% hydrogen peroxide.
Conclusion: Pleurodesis with a 6% solution of hydrogen peroxide as a chemical agent significantly affects the quality of the inflammatory response, reducing its duration and severity in the organs and tissues of the rats’ chests, compared with a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and talc.

pneumothorax • pleurodesis • talc • hydrogen peroxide • free cell populations
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Received April 29, 2021.
Accepted June 9, 2021.
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