Investigation of the Inhibition Action of Antiviral Preparation 1 – Boraadamantane Concerning the Flu Virus

N.A. Kontarov, PhD¹, I.V. Pogarskaya, PhD¹*, E.O. Kontarova, Ph.D¹, N.V. Balayev, PhD¹, N.V. Yuminova, PhD, ScD¹, V.V. Zverev, ScD, Academician of RAS¹, G.V. Arkharova, PhD², D.A. Efremov, PhD², M.E. Gurskiy, PhD³, Yu.N.Bubnov, PhD, ScD³

¹I.I. Mechnikov Research Institute for Vaccines and Sera, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation,²I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Moscow, Russian Federation, ³A. N. Nesmeyanov Institute of Organoelement Compounds of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation

*Corresponding author: Irina V. Pogarskay1, PhD. Department of Virology, I.I.Mechnikov Research Institute for Vaccines and Sera, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. 5a, Malyi Kazennii Lane, 105064, Moscow, Russian Federation. Tel: 8-495-917-08-91/8-495-674-81-45. E-mail:

Published: March 25, 2013


In this work, the surface-active properties of 1- boraadamantane have been studied on the model of monomolecular phospholipid monolayers.  Compression isotherms for the phospholipid monolayer are received, before the addition of 1-bromoadamantane in a concentration of 10-7-10-6 M.  From the analysis of the compression isotherms generated, it is possible to conclude that at a concentration of 1-bromoadamantane (10-6M), an increase in the area falling on one phospholipid molecule occurs. The increase in the area falling on one single phospholipid molecule leads to a reduction in the frequency of the action of the lateral diffusion of the phospholipid molecules, a potential difference of the monolayer and a reduction in a corner of an arrangement of the phospholipid molecules to the monolayer surface. The specified phenomena can lead to a decrease in the degree of interaction of the viral membrane and a cell membrane. Also, in this work, study was done on the activity of virion RNA-dependent RNA - polymerase after interaction with various concentrations of 1- boraadamantane.

1- boraadamantane; flu virus; phospholipid monolayers; compression isotherms; virion RNA - dependent RNA - polymerase.

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