Fever as a Presentation of Tumoral Calcinosis: A Case Report

Nga V Nguyen, MD*; Edgardo J Guzman MD; Christopher J Mesa, MD; Shante A Hinson, MD

Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center; Bronx, NY, USA

*Corresponding author: Nga V. Nguyen, MD. Department of Internal Medicine, Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, Bronx, NY, USA. E-mail: ngavnguyen@gmail.com

Published: March 15, 2018.  doi: 10.21103/Article8(1)_CR3


Tumoral calcinosis (TC) is a rare condition in which there is periarticular calcium deposition in the soft tissue forming a mass. The most common locations of TC are the larger joints such as the hip, shoulder, and knee, as well as the hands and wrists. Patients will often present with localized swelling, pain, and reduced joint mobility. We will discuss a 48-year-old male on hemodialysis who presented with a fever of unknown source and diffuse joint pain. He was found to have progressive, multiple tumor-like swellings on his shoulders, hands, and knees. He was diagnosed with TC and managed with a high dose phosphate binder with resolution of his fever and improvement in his pain.  

tumoral calcinosis ● soft tissue calcification ● seronegative spondyloarthritis ● hemodialysis ● renal insufficiency
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