Chronic Triple Infection with Hepatitis B, C, and D Viruses in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

Lubov I. Petrova, Snezhana S. Sleptsova, Maksim N. Andreev, Nikolai M. Gogolev, Anastasia N. Petrova

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2018;8(3):217-219.   
DOI: 10.21103/Article8(3)_OA9
Originally published September 15, 2018  


The purpose of this work was to study the features of the clinical course of mixed infections with hepatitis B+C+D viruses in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (RS(Y)).
Materials and Methods: The incidences of these infections were studied in the infectious disease department of the Yakutsk City Clinical Hospital. A total of 74 patients with chronic infection with hepatitis B, C, and D viruses were analyzed. The following markers of HBV (HBsAg, HBeAg, anti-HBcIgG, HBV DNA), HCV (anti-HCV) and HDV (anti-HDV, HDV RNA) were detected. According to PCR (n=35), HCV-RNA was detected in 29(82.8%) patients. In 65.8% of cases, HCV-RNA replication was observed in the absence of HDV-DNA. Mono-replication of HBV (HBV-DNA+, HCV-RNA-) was detected in 17.1% patients, mono-replication of HCV (HBV-DNA-, HCV-RNA+) in 65.7% patients and mixed replication of viruses C, D and/or G (HBV-DNA-, HCV-RNA+, HDV-RNA+/HGV-RNA+) in 17.1% patients.
Results: The comparison of biochemical parameters of patients with chronic mixed hepatitis showed that more expressed changes are observed with the mixed replication than with the mono-replicative form of hepatitis.

chronic mixed hepatitis • hepatitis B virus • hepatitis C virus • hepatitis D virus
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Received May 30, 2018.
Accepted June 18, 2018.
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