Synchronization of Wave Flows of Arterial and Venous Blood and Phases of the Cardiac Cycle: Part 3

Alexander G. Kruglov, Valery N. Utkin, Alexander Yu. Vasilyev, Andrey A. Kruglov

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2018;8(4):288-291.
DOI: 10.21103/Article8(4)_OA3
Originally published December 15, 2018


Hemodynamic indices studied in healthy people were obtained by catheterization in various vascular areas: the chambers of the heart (ventricles, atria, coronary sinus), pulmonary trunk, sigmoid sinus, aorta, inferior vena cava, superior vena cava (SVC), and right hepatic vein (RHV). Using the mean values of the hemodynamic parameters, we constructed graphics of the curves of the central, arterial, and venous pressure, synchronized with each other, with an ECG, and with pulse wave.
The complex of hemodynamic curves, supplemented by curves of RHV and SVC, revealed a coincidence in one zone of temporal equalization of pressure (ZTEP) for values of the left atrium, coronary sinus, right ventricle, sigmoid sinus, SVC, and RHV(wedged). We identified this ZTEP as a hemodynamic trigger (T-point), assuming that this point is the trigger point for the launch of the high-energy processes of the right heart, forming the following cardiac cycle: the beginning of the systole of right ventricle, the opening of pulmonary valve.

cardiac cycle • hemodynamic parameters • ECG • wave flows
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Received September 26, 2018.
Accepted October 27, 2018.
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