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Latest Medical Research News and Research
Updated: 23 min 33 sec ago

Feeling like leisure is wasteful may lead to poorer mental health outcomes, research suggests

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 08:09
Feeling like leisure is wasteful and unproductive may lead to less happiness and higher levels of stress and depression, new research suggests.

COVID booster shots might be needed in subgroup of HIV-positive individuals

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 07:57
The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has evolved into a global pandemic destroying lives and economies. COVID-19 is not curable, so vaccines are the only safeguard during this pandemic.

Study: Awake prone positioning can reduce the need for mechanical ventilation in COVID-19 patients

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 07:38
A six country clinical study of more than 1,100 hospitalized COVID-19 patients who required high-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy suggests that prone positioning (rotating patients with severe breathing issues so they are face down) soon after admission can significantly reduce the need for mechanical ventilation.

Researchers unravel pathomechanisms involved in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 07:07
ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), can be a debilitating disease. It frequently presents after an infection, and key features are long-lasting fatigue and worsening of symptoms after exertion.

SARS-CoV-2 alpha variant exhibits enhanced household transmission

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 06:59
In a recent study, the transmission rate of wildtype and the Alpha variant of SARS-CoV-2 through households is tracked.

New mouse model may help elucidate the pathogenic mechanisms behind Sjögren's syndrome

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 06:55
Sjögren's syndrome is an autoimmune disease that attacks the tear system in the eyes and salivary glands, leading to patients experiencing extremely dry eyes and mouth.

Broad-spectrum coronavirus neutralization amongst vaccinated SARS-CoV-1 survivors

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 06:53
The potency of neutralizing antibodies in individuals who have recovered from SARS-CoV and received the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is evaluated.

Personal Activity Intelligence can help people maintain a healthy body weight, study shows

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 06:45
New research shows that physical activity equivalent to 100 PAI a week can counteract excessive weight gain.

Non-invasive retinal imaging may be useful for detecting Alzheimer's disease risk

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 06:28
Amyloid plaques are protein deposits that collect between brain cells, hindering function and eventually leading to neuronal death.

Aerosol from vaping devices likely impairs blood vessel function, rat study shows

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 06:22
Aerosol generated from vaping devices likely impairs blood vessels' ability to function comparable to traditional cigarette smoke, according to preliminary research in rats presented at the American Heart Association's Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Scientific Sessions 2021.

Preclinical study validates crucial role of the spleen in cardiac repair

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 06:16
Although we can survive without a spleen, evidence continues to mount that this abdominal organ plays a more valuable role in our physiological defenses than previously suspected.

Four out of ten children with new-onset type 1 diabetes receive delayed care

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 06:03
Four out of ten children and adolescents who were admitted with new-onset type 1 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis did not receive hospital treatment the same day as contacts were taken with primary care. This is shown in a study from the University of Gothenburg.

CUNY SPH and NYC Health Department receive grant to study long-acting injectables for HIV

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 05:46
The National Institute of Mental Health has awarded the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene a thirty month grant to support long-acting injectable antiretroviral therapy access, uptake, and adherence among people with HIV enrolled in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (hereafter "Ryan White").

New research identifies factors that contribute to racial disparity in healthcare systems

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 05:39
Research studies show that Black patients can be subjected to wait times 30% longer than other patients at doctors' offices and other healthcare facilities, leaving little doubt about the biased nature of healthcare scheduling systems.

Exposure to wildfire smoke during pregnancy raises risk for preterm birth

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 05:33
Exposure to wildfire smoke during pregnancy increases the risk that a baby will be born too early, a new Stanford University study suggests.

VALIDATE Network’s TB vaccine work receives $1.5 million funding boost

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 05:23
The Oxford-run VALIDATE Network has received $1.5 million in funding for its tuberculosis vaccine work from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

FDA-approved antiplatelet drug shows potential as new, low-cost heart failure therapy

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 05:16
Sarpogrelate, an antiplatelet medication, has potential as a new heart failure therapy and, according to researchers, could potentially decrease health care costs associated with cardiovascular disease, according to preliminary animal research presented at the American Heart Association's Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Scientific Sessions 2021.

Pecan-enriched diets can improve a person's cholesterol levels, study shows

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 05:02
While the proper pronunciation of pecan remains a subject of debate, University of Georgia researchers have shown the tree nut can dramatically improve a person's cholesterol levels.

Study finds unacceptably alarming rise in gestational diabetes among U.S. women

Mon, 08/23/2021 - 22:13
The rate of gestational diabetes has shot up 30 percent in young U.S. women over the past decade and more than doubled in U.S. women who identify as Asian-Indian compared with non-Hispanic White women, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study published in JAMA.

Drinking, smoking throughout the first trimester of pregnancy associated with higher stillbirth risk

Mon, 08/23/2021 - 22:00
Drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco cigarettes throughout the first trimester of pregnancy is associated with nearly three times the risk of late stillbirth (at 28 or more weeks), compared to women who neither drink or smoke during pregnancy or quit both before the end of the first trimester, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health.