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Latest Medical Research News and Research
Updated: 15 min 31 sec ago

Exercise program can help frail older adults perform basic daily activities, study suggests

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 01:13
An exercise program comprised of gentle exercises and taught by home care aides can help frail older adults perform basic daily activities, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago published in The Gerontologist.

Anti-seizure drug could have beneficial effect in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 01:08
In the last decade, mounting evidence has linked seizure-like activity in the brain to some of the cognitive decline seen in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists create wearable diagnostic biosensor that can detect three diabetes-related compounds

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 00:51
Researchers at The University of Texas at Dallas are getting more out of the sweat they've put into their work on a wearable diagnostic tool that measures three diabetes-related compounds in microscopic amounts of perspiration.

Study finds increase in early stage breast cancer diagnoses after Affordable Care Act took effect

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 00:36
A Loyola University Chicago study published this month has found an increase in the percentage of breast cancer patients who were diagnosed in early Stage 1, after the Affordable Care Act took effect.

Study looks at role of race, gender in predicting heart attack symptoms in emergency department

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 00:25
Researchers at the George Washington University found that certain symptoms are more and less predictive of patients' risk for acute coronary syndrome, which includes heart attack, in patients of different gender and race.

Safety net clinics can adopt patient-centered medical home models to improve access to primary care

Sat, 06/24/2017 - 00:04
Most of the federally qualified health centers that participated in a program to help them adopt a "medical home" model of advanced primary care were successful in doing so according to a new RAND Corporation study.

New study sheds light on how the brain coordinates complex decisions involving altruism and empathy

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 23:39
It's a classic conundrum: while rushing to get to an important meeting or appointment on time, you spot a stranger in distress. How do you decide whether to stop and help, or continue on your way?

Infectious disease experts examine how quickly Lyme disease symptoms resolve in children

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 22:04
For many Americans, the warmer weather of summer means more time spent outside: More gardening and yard work, more hikes in the woods, more backyard barbecues. But for this year in particular, some experts predict warmer weather will lead to more ticks.

Novel MRI method uses simple sugar solution instead of conventional contrast agents

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 21:53
In magnetic resonance imaging, contrast agents are used to enhance the imaging of tissue structures.

Researchers uncover novel mechanism involved in cancer cell migration

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 21:32
Supervised by Guillaume Montagnac, Inserm research leader at Gustave Roussy, in collaboration with the Institut Curie and the Institut de Myologie, this research, is published in the 16th June issue of the American journal Science.

Insulin in the brain may help regulate eating behavior and facilitate weight loss, study shows

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 21:26
Eating behavior and the subjective feeling of hunger are regulated by a variety of hormones. Here a key role is played by the hormone insulin because it is not only active in the body, but also in the brain.

Greater engagement in leisure activities linked to lower blood pressure of Alzheimer's caregivers

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 21:14
Going for a walk outside, reading, listening to music-;these and other enjoyable activities can reduce blood pressure for elderly caregivers of spouses with Alzheimer's disease, suggests a study in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, the official journal of the American Psychosomatic Society. The journal is published by Wolters Kluwer.

Two-test combination accurately identifies benign pancreatic lesions

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 20:54
When performed in tandem, two molecular biology laboratory tests distinguish, with near certainty, pancreatic lesions that mimic early signs of cancer but are completely benign.

UK Robotics Week to showcase latest AI and robotics research

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 19:45
The UK's world-leading robotics research will be showcased at the second UK Robotics Week, which begins on Saturday, 24 June, 2017 and runs until Friday, 30 June.

Lipoprotein abnormalities linked to vaso-occlusive events in patients with sickle cell disease

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 19:43
An article published in Experimental Biology and Medicine (Volume 242, Issue 12, June, 2017) links imbalances in lipoprotein metabolism with vaso-occlusive events in patients with sickle cell disease

Tiny biological nanoparticles offer enormous potential for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 19:17
Exosomes - tiny biological nanoparticles which transfer information between cells - offer significant potential in detecting and treating disease, the most comprehensive overview so far of research in the field has concluded.

Pathogen linked to seafood poisoning disarms key host defense system by paralyzing cell's skeleton

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 18:18
The leading cause of acute gastroenteritis linked to eating raw seafood disarms a key host defense system in a novel way: It paralyzes a cell's skeleton, or cytoskeleton.

OIST researchers create taurine-modified photosensitizer for brain cancer therapy

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 18:09
Photodynamic therapy is often used to treat brain tumors because of its specificity—it can target very small regions containing cancerous cells while sparing the normal cells around it from damage. It works by injecting a drug called a photosensitizer into the bloodstream, where it gathers in cells, and then exposing the drug-filled cells to light.

Researchers lay out framework to improve usability of wearable technology for older adults

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 16:59
Wearable devices have been heralded as one of the next great technological frontiers. They can provide all users, including older ones, with constantly updated medical information by tracking cardiac health, identifying potential illnesses, and serving as emergency alert systems, among other benefits.

Study: 45% of U.S. women unaware that heart disease is their No. 1 killer

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 15:47
Women and their physicians are largely uneducated when it comes to females and heart disease, putting women's health and lives at greater risk, a new study out today shows.